We are PT KAY OCEAN INDONESIA  is a transportation company handling services, the freight services for export, import and domestic transport modes by using a combination of land, sea and air. We also can provide by door to door from shipper to receiver. With the effective and efficient and provide more competitive advantages.

Support through strong network overseas agent who are highly trained professionals with integrated information system, we are dedicated to provide our clients with reliable, efficient and customer driven logistics services.

Our job to make our client jobs easier by taking out the challenges of logistics management from their freeing up our clients time to focus on their core businesses, showing them  the best method and help them get the best price for their logistics solutions.


Menjadi perusahaan yang memberikan semua layanan logistik dengan sistem terintegrasi, jaringan nasional dan internasional, yang mampu memberikan pengalaman dengan mengutamakan pelayanan dan akhlak terbaik.


  • Menerapkan budaya kerja yang religi, melayani dengan   hati, memberikan harga terbaik dan amanah dalam       pengiriman sehingga tercapai kepuasan pelanggan.
  • Meningkatkan nilai perusahaan melalui kreativitas,
         inovasi dan kompetensi SDM sehingga membentuk kerja      tim yang tangguh dan profesional.
  • Menyediakan semua fasilitas layanan logistik.
         Menjadi perusahaan yang bermanfaat bagi sosial,
         ekonomi dan pendidikan

  • We are wholeheartedly committed to providing shipping services by providing cheap expedition services, goods delivery services, cheap cargo services through sea cargo, land cargo and air cargo. Our cheap cargo and easy expedition services include domestic and international shipping with fast, safe and warranty delivery.